PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER ANY BRICKS. NOTE: Bricks are a tax deductible donation.


•Please select the brick options you would like to order below.
•You will type in the brick inscription information in the next step.


•You will be contacted within 5 days of receipt of your request to confirm your order.
•You will be given the opportunity to provide name/address to mail a certificate to honoree or their family when contacted to confirm order.
•If you are ordering a Miniature brick please complete name and address section on order form for mailing if different than contact information given.
•Ceremonies are conducted twice annually and are planned on or near Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  The order deadline for each ceremony is approximately 60 days before that ceremony. Specific date/time will be provided to you after your order is received.
•Specific questions or assistance – contact Rich Downing, or 719-651-4817.

Commemorative Bricks

There are three bricks sizes, each costs a different price and offers a different number of lines and characters. There is also a smaller miniature brick option available for presentation to honoree or their family.

4x8, 3 lines, 20 characters maximum per line, $100

8x8, 4 lines, 20 characters maximum per line, $200
add up to 4 additional lines at $20 per line

12x12, 6 lines, 30 characters maximum per line, $500
add up to 6 additional lines at $20 per line

2 ¾ x 1 ½ miniature bricks, 3 lines, 20 characters per line, $25


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