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Scouts Merit Badge Program

scoutsWings Over the Rockies offers Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts a chance to earn their Aviation Merit Badge/Patch!

The Aviation Merit Badge/Patch program is an extensive class where students map out a flight plan, learn about different engines, careers in aviation, fly our simulators, and tour the Museum.

Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn their Aviation Merit Badge/Patch through an extensive four hour class. The class will include mapping out a flight plan, flying the plan in our simulators, learning different kinds of engines, careers in aviation, and a guided tour of the Museum.

Program Description

scouts-1Wings Over the Rockies has incorporated the requirements set forth by the Boy and Girl Scouts of America for the Aviation Merit Badge/Patch into a program which allows Denver area Scouts to obtain their Aviation Merit Badge/Patch at the Museum, an historical, educational and fun location to complete the tasks necessary. (4 hours, 6th-12th grade)

According to the Badge Requirements, Scouts will:

  • Learn about aircraft and piloting, including specific aircraft in use today and the different ratings and careers for pilots
  • Explain the operation of a piston, turboprop, and jet engines
  • Become knowledgeable about the four forces of flight and how they affect aircraft during all phases of flight
  • Become familiar with the instrumentation aboard aircraft
  • Create a flight plan using aeronautical charts, plotters and calculators
  • Fly the flight plan you’ve created on computer simulators with yokes and throttles
  • Take a guided tour of the Museum including access to several cockpits
  • FPG-9 model must be completed in Scout meeting
  • Learn about the primary control surfaces on a plane that affect the airplanes attitude including; ailerons, elevators, and rudder.
  • Demonstrate how the control surfaces of airplane are used in the flight simulator lab
  • Explain the purposes of various instrumentation found on a single engine aircraft.

All attendees who have completed the requirements for the Aviation Merit Badge will be signed off for their Badges by their counselor.

For more information on the Aviation Merit Badge/Patch program please contact Hetty Carlson 303-360-5360 x:130 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Aviation Merit Badge/ Patch Program registration form click here.



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