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Veteran's Plaza - Runway of Honor


Runway of Honor Commemorative Bricks

Bricks ordered before September 15, 2014 will be included in our Veterans Day dedication on November 11, 2014.

A unique and lasting gift.

Give the gift of a Commemorative Brick inscribed with a personal tribute to a veteran, aviator, family or friend as a wonderful way to recognize:

A life well-lived
An anniversary
A birthday
A graduation


Commemorative Bricks

Choose from three brick sizes for your tribute:









Bricks are a tax-deductible donation.

Bricks Inscriptions:

Example of 4x8 inscription:
Donald C. Hepworth
SMSgt USAF 1978-1998
Lowry AFB 1980-1983

Example of 8x8 inscription:
Wayne "Bud" Wirfs
Professor, Engineer,
Aviation Historian,
Lover of Clouds

Example of 12x12 inscription:
I have trod the high
Untresspassed sanctity of space
Put out my hand
And touched the face of God
John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

To All the Airmen in Our Lives
Greg and Beth Anderson


Wings will provide you with a certificate to share with the honoree or their family as a symbol of honor and recognition of their Runway of Honor Commemorative Brick.


Miniature Bricks

For $25, you can purchase a miniature brick to present the honoree or their family to acknowledge their tribute in the Runway of Honor.


Additional Tribute Lines

For an additional $20 per line you can add to your tribute. The 8x8 brick has room for 4 additional lines and the 12x12 brick has room for 6.


Dedication Ceremonies

Each year Wings has two ceremonies to celebrate tribute bricks being added to the Runway of Honor. When you order your brick you will be notified about which ceremony your brick will be included in.

Bricks ordered before September 15, 2014 will be included in our Veterans Day brick dedication on November 11, 2014.

Bricks ordered before March 23, 2015 will be included in our Memorial Day dedication on May 24, 2015.


 Click here to order your Runway of Honor Commemorative Brick.


Wings Over the Rockies reserves the right to refuse any requests determined to be contrary to the principles of the Veteran's Plaza.


 ***If the Tribute brick is a gift, a Certificate can be provided within 5 days of ordering for presentation to the honoree.


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