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Open through July 12, 2014


From the first female pilot of a major U.S. airline to America’s first ace, Colorado Takes Off! celebrates 100 years of Colorado’s role in the world of aviation and aerospace, including:

  • The Boulder native who went on to become one of the first Mercury astronauts
  • The flight demonstration team that came before the Blue Angels—and even the Thunderbirds
  • The daredevil pilot who turned an obsession into the world’s leading aeronautical charting company
  • The parapalegic pilot to be the first to fly solo around the world
  • The hometown aircraft company from Englewood that turned down Charles Lindbergh

Guests can explore artifacts, historic images, audio and video recordings of Colorado aviators and more than 30 detailed scale models and dioramas.

Be sure to visit the Mezzanine on your next trip to Wings and experience this one-of-a-kind, traveling exhibit.   

The construction of Colorado Takes Off! was made possible by Jeppesen, Lockheed Martin and Redstone College.

Aviation Xtreme Arrives at Wings Over the Rockies

Have you ever dreamed about flying a fighter jet? Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
is excited to partner with Aviation Xtreme Flight Simulation Center.
You can experience the rush of flight in these advanced simulators, now located in our hangar.

Climb into a cockpit like the ones used by real fighter pilots in training. As you
prepare for take-off, you will find yourself surrounded by a massive,
180-degree curved projection screen that offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience.
Fly a wide range of aircraft, like the F-15A Eagle, F-4 Phantom, P-51 Mustang and more.

Museum admission is required for nonmembers, in addition to the cost of the simulator experience.

For more information on pricing, hours or to make reservations, please call 
303-360-5360 x198 or click here.

avx-jpg 1

Space & Rocketry Exhibits

swaggert-smallThe space technology exhibits at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum include models and displays demonstrating spacecraft and missile technology both historically and in the future. Explore the science of spaceflight with our interactive exhibit and experience the adventure!

Restoration Projects

b-52_102_smThe Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum Restoration Department is tasked with preserving many of the collection’s artifacts. Activities range from simple routine cleaning of pieces to undertaking major restoration projects. Although none of the Museum’s artifacts are ever again expected to function as originally intended, it is our goal to reconfigure these precious treasures to as close to original condition as possible for accurate representation.


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