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Letter From the President


Dear Members and Friends of Wings Over the Rockies:


One tell-tale sign of an exciting museum is the increasing number of cars a visitor sees filling up our parking lot.  A closer look this summer helps one understand why Wings Over the Rockies is a great place to visit. 


Many license plates are from states other than Colorado, suggesting our reputation is spreading far and wide.  The Runway of Honor and Veterans' Plaza attract visitors of all ages, often with emotional connections to those honored there. 


Step inside our beautiful, new "Gateway to Flight" entrance complex and appreciate the sincere enthusiasm of our great staff team and volunteers who have brought about great changes.  Beyond an awesome "Aeronautica" museum store and "Harrison Ford Welcome Theater," families and friends are enjoying new features of an improving visitor experience. 


Squeals of delight and sounds of anguish emanate from a new "Aviation Xtreme" simulator experience, pitting visitors against friend and foe in electronic skies.  Reflection and respect are the emotions along our new mezzanine displaying "Canvas and Wood: The World War I Aviation Art of James Dietz," fifty works of one of aviation's greatest artists to help us remember a conflict almost 100 years old.


My favorite impression is from the visiting groups that transcend generations.  A fatherly veteran wandering amongst aircraft he served with many years ago, holding the tiny hand of a granddaughter, toddling beside him. 


The next few months will see more new exhibits than ever before.  Now is a great time to visit Wings, appreciating a mission that crosses miles, years and interests.  Tell us what you think, how we can be better.  We look forward to seeing you.


Warmest regards,




Gregory J. Anderson


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